Amanda Covington

The Lightbringer


Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’2”
Weight: Small and Thin
Concept: The Lightbringer
Power Level: 10
Power Points: 195/195 Used
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black

Abilities (26pp Spent)
Strength: 14 (2)
Dexterity: 18 (4)
Constitution: 16 (3)
Intelligence: 12 (1)
Wisdom: 10 (0)
Charisma: 14 (2)

Saves (9pp Spent)
Fort: 10
Ref: +7)
Will: +3
Tough: +3/

Defense Bonus: 10
Base Attack: 9
Initiative: +4/

Acrobatics – +12
Bluff – +6
Climb – +2
Computer – +5
Concentration – +10
Diplomacy – +2
Disguise – +6
Drive – +8
Escape Artist – +8
Gather Information – +10
Handle Animal – +2
Intimidate – +10
Investigate – +5
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) – +9
Knowledge (Art) – +9
Knowledge (Current Events) – +3
Knowledge (Pop Culture) – +9
Knowledge (Streetwise) – +5
Knowledge (Technology) – +7
Medicine – +12
Notice – +8
Search – +5
Sense Motive – +4
Stealth – +4
Survival – +2
Swim – +4
Language – 1 rank (French, English)

All Out Attack
Attractive (1 rank)
Combat Concealment
Defensive Roll (4 ranks)
Dodge Focus (4 ranks)
Eidetic Memory
Instant Up
Move-By Action
Power Attack


Bolt of Light (Blast 8) (19 PP)
Light, DC 23; Accurate (+2) (Standard (Active) – Ranged, 80ft. – Instant)

  • Grenade of Light (Dazzle 5) (alternate)
    Light, Affects: Visual Senses, DC 15; Burst Area (25 ft. radius – General); Triggered (Standard (Active) – Ranged, 50ft. – Instant (Lasting))
  • Spiral of Light (Blast 7) (alternate)
    Light, DC 22; Accurate (+2), Homing (1 attempt), Precise, Split Attack (2 targets); Lethal (Standard (Active) – Ranged, 70ft. – Instant)

Chain of Light (Snare 3) (7 PP)
Light, DC 12; Tether (200 ft.) (Standard (Active) – Ranged, 20ft. – Instant)

Color Control 1 (3 PP)
Light, 5-ft. cube, DC 11; Precise (Standard (Active) – Ranged, 10ft. – Sustained (Lasting))

Light Control 4 (8 PP)
(Standard (Active) – Ranged, 40ft. – Sustained)

Light Immunity (Immunity 5) (5 PP)
Light, Dazzle Effects (None (Passive) – Personal – Permanent)

Light of Life (Healing 5) (6 PP)
Light, DC 15; Charge Power (partial if distracted); Stabilize (Full (Active) – Touch – Instant)

Shield of Light (Force Field 3) (6 PP)
Light, +3 Toughness; Burst Area (15 ft. radius – General), Impervious; Both Directions (Free (Active) – Personal – Sustained)

Speed of Light (Super-Speed 2) (10 PP)
Light, Adds: Quickness 2, Speed 2, Feats: Improved Initiative 2 (Move (Active) – Personal – Sustained)

  • Quickness 2 (0 PP)
    Perform routine tasks at 5x speed (Free (Active) – Personal – Sustained)
  • Speed 2 (0 PP)
    Speed: 25 mph, 220 ft./rnd (Move – Personal – Sustained)

Trick of the Light (Illusion 2) (9 PP)
Light, Affects: Visual Senses, DC 12; Ephemeral 2 (Standard (Active) – Perception – Concent)

  • Break of the Light (Shadow Clone 1) (alternate)
    Light, DC 11; Horde; Interpose, Mental Link, Progression, # Clones (2 clones), Sacrifice (Standard (Active) – Touch – Sustained)

Weapons of Light (Strike 5) (5 PP)
Light, DC 22; Mighty; Lethal (Standard (Active) – Touch – Instant)

Attack Bonus: +9
Grapple Bonus: +11
Melee Bonus: +9
Ranged Bonus: +9

Bolt of Light (Blast 8), +11 (DC 23)- Light, Crit 20, Range Incr 80ft.
Chain of Light (Snare 3), +9 (DCRef/Staged 13 – Light, Crit 20, Range Incr 20ft.
Grenade of Light (Dazzle 5) (DC Fort/Ref 15) – 25 ft. radius / Light, Crit 20, Range Incr 50ft.
Spiral of Light (Blast 7), +11 (DC 22) – Light, Crit 20, Range Incr 70ft.
Unarmed Attack, +9 (DC 17) – Bludgeon, Crit 20
Weapons of Light (Strike 5), +9 (DC 22) – Light, Crit 20


Small and thin of frame, there is little reason for Amanda Covington to stand out. And why would she, looking no different from most other teen age girls. But beneath her gentle and kind demeanour, there lurks the spirit of a fighter and an adventurer. Born from a long line of supernatural hunters, Amanda stands ready to inherit the work of her parents – regardless of what the world around her says.

Originally born in France, her mother and father uprooted and moved the East Coast of the united stated while Amanda was still in grade school – and beginning to show the first signs of magical ability. In the following years, she would come to find out about the magical lineage she came from – both of her parents were experienced magical hunters, the ending point of two long lines of storied hunters. They fought demons, monsters, even other mages as their jobs and morals required.

It made for a hard life, one of constant moving. The advent of the information age allowed Amanda to keep in contact with what friends she was able to make, but she was never in one place for more than a couple of years, as the hunters would move to a new locale with more jobs for the picking. It was a year after one of these moves, to a seemingly innocuous town in Middle America, that Amanda found herself waiting up late for her parents to return home. She was only ten, and she was supposed to start at her new school the next day.

Her parents never came home. It was days before Amanda’s aunt arrived from France with grave news – whatever her parents had chosen to hunt this time had gotten the best of them, and they were no longer of this world. Those long lineages now ended at Amanda. She was spared any details of their deaths, told only vagaries and stories of what they had been up to in the months leading up to their deaths – of apparently madness, near obsession as they hunted after something they claimed was of the utmost importance.

But none of that mattered now. Dragged back to France to reside with her extended family – all of whom had given up the hunter trade many years before, Amanda was faced with another grim reality. Her parents, whom she had idolised both because of their heroic stories of their work and because of how caring and gentle they had been as people, were in actuality ostracised by the rest of the magical community. They were viewed as relics, as jokes, as people sticking their noses where it had no business being, and of hunting creatures and mages who posed no real threat to anyone, simply because they were potentially dangerous.

Still, Amanda never let the smile fade from her face. Ever when she became the outcast child, she simply treated everyone else with respect and kindness, hoping someday that they’d learn to return the gesture. Banned from anything more than measured practice of her magic, and absolutely forbidden from going down the road her parents had walked, she took to training herself in private, learning and perfecting her abilities to manipulate light.

She actually found out about her invitation to the school – the same one her parents had attended – a whole two years after it was originally sent, happening upon the saved document hidden away in her aunt’s study one night while practicing her invisibility. Heartbroken that such a thing had been kept from her, she got in contact with the school, and upon finding out the invitation was still valid, packed up and slipped away in the night. Her parents were no longer with her, but she would do them proud by continuing on their legacy – their family’s legacy – and become the hunter that she believed she her parents would want her to.

If only it were that simple – if she’d bothered to keep looking through her aunt’s study, she’d know her parents never did want it – they never believed that fate was for her, and that was why they had left France to begin with. But ignorance, particularly for Amanda, often is bliss.

At the school she is studying both ecology of creatures and medical practices – always the kind hearted one, she wants to help people just as much as she wants to hunt threats in the wild, and considers a potential medical career – mundane or magical – a viable backup in case her life as a hunter doesn’t pan out, or her family finds her and drags her back to France.

Far from shy, Amanda is a talkative young girl, always bright and energetic. She is not, however, always the brightest girl. Sheltered and living off the stories her parents told her growing up of their exploits, Amanda is naïve and flighty almost to a fault. She counters this by being relentlessly happy and optimistic, even when a situation doesn’t even so. She always shows everyone a gentle kindness, even those she thinks wish her ill. She does, however, understand the need for fighting when it arises, and will often jump headlong into adventure and danger – even if she doesn’t really realise how grave the situation is.

Amanda’s magical talents fall under the umbrella of “photokinesis” – the ability to manipulate light. In its most basic form, this means she can raise or lower the light levels in a space at will, or even shift where something sits in the colour spectrum, changing its appearance; she does this frequently to her eyes and hair, always looking for a new look. More advanced applications of her ability include the ability to concentrate light into powerful and deadly beams, to turn invisible, create explosions of light, to move at the speed of light, or even to fashion hard light objects like weapons or shields. However, her powers have one big weakness – she cannot create light from nothingness. Amanda is a bit of a battery, in that she can absorb and store light energy for use at later times. However, if left in darkness for too long she can expend all of her light and lose access to her powers. This has bred a minor fear of the dark in her, something that’s almost natural for someone who is of the light as she is.

A small girl, Amanda stands only just over five feet tall. Despite her short stature and thin frame, she has a surprising bulk to her and is able to throw a punch that might surprise the recipient. Because of her ability to shift things across the colour spectrum, it’s hard to peg down a singular appearance for her. Most commonly she is seen with green-blue hair and matching eyes, though lately she’s taken to black-and red ensembles, both in physical appearance and clothing. It doesn’t take much for her to shift the colour of her hair, eyes, or clothes, and she’s been known to do it without really thinking about it – in fact, if she gets emotionally impassioned, she can become somewhat of a walking mood ring without even realising it.

Amanda Covington

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