Sex: Female 
Height: 5'8" 
Weight: Acrobatic (numbers are rude!)
Age: ~16

Stat	Base		Total
Str:	10		+0
Dex:	14		+2
Con:	15		+2
Int:	12		+1
Wis:	14		+2
Cha:	12		+1

Saving	Base	Mod	Total
Tuff:	0	+2 Con	+2
Fort:	+4	+2 Con	+6
Rflx:	+6	+2 Dex	+8
Will:	+6	+2 Wis	+8

Atck:	+7
Dfnc:	18/14 Flatfoot (+3 dodge +1 Dodge Focus)

Skills 				Total
Disguise			+11
Bluff				+11
Escape Artist			+6
Stealth				+6
Climb				+4
Computers			+5
Disable Device			+11
Concentration			+12
Knowledge: Life Science		+9
Medicine			+4
Notice				+10
Search				+9
Swim				+2
Craft: Artistic			+5

Hide In Plain Sight
Sneak Attack
Improved Grab
Grapple Finesse (dex)
Trance (concentrate+constitution)
Dodge Focus (+1)
Elusive Target (bonus to dodge ranged whilst in melee)


Gothic Doom meets DayGlo Rainbow. A heart-shaped face, dusting of freckles over pale skin and moonshine eyes, the expressive range of blue that can be pale platinum grey to the bottomless dark of the ocean. She has a tall, sturdy figure. The sort of shape that is a little too well curved for the traditional dancing, but it looks great in a leotard. Or would. If she ever wore a leotard. It was just that one time, okay? The specific indicators of age are difficult to pin down, her bone structure and features have an ageless quality to them, the variable age where a person has finished ‘growing’ but not yet ‘old’.

A black ruffled blouse reveals a delicate expanse of pale flesh on her upper chest, the seams sewn with bright pink thread. Elbow length fingerless gloves, rainbow-hued ribbons secure the glove in place, and a knee-length ruffled skirt with rainbow-striped knee-length socks finish. Black sneakers with bright yellow spiralled laces secure onto her feet. One of those miniature top hats with an assortment of brightly coloured ribbons decorate her head, set just in-front of the off-center ponytail of ebony curls.

Silence of the Grave
Mad World, Gary Jules;


Mana of Mayhem: Magic School Blues Dzeintra