Errant Muse

Power Points: 250 / 0 unused
Power Level: 11

Strength 	08(-1)
Dexterity 	14(+2)
Constitution	20(+5)
Intelligence	20(+5)/30(+10)
Wisdom		10(0)
Charisma	20(+5)/30(+10)

Toughness	+11(6p+5con)
Fortitude	+15(10b+5con)
Reflex		+5(3b+2dex)
Will		+15(15b)
Defense		21(10+5def+6dodge)
Attack		+11


Computers		+20(10r+10i)
Craft(Electronic)	+20(10r+10i)
Craft(Mechanical)	+25(15r+10i)
Disable Device		+22(12r+10i)
Investigate		+22(12r+10i)
Knowledge(Arcane Lore)	+20(10r+10i)
Knowledge(History)	+25(15r+10i)
Knowledge(Technology)	+20(10r+10i)
Notice			+10(10r+0w)
Search			+20(10r+10i)

Language(Japanese, Hebrew)

Combat Feats

blind fight
defensive attack
Dodge Focus 6
improved initiative 3
Power Attack
Precise Shot 2
Ranged Pin
Uncanny Dodge(Hearing)

Noncombat Feats

Attractive 2
Improvised Tools
Lucky 2
Second Chance(Disable Device)
Online Research


Celestial Technology

Simply put, Inkless can build technology that can’t or shouldn’t exist. She draws upon divine inspiration and the dreams of men to power her devices. She uses this almost exclusively to build firearms. Some almost seem real, others are insane in build and function.

Shapeshift 10(7ppr total 52) |50 total point pool|
→Duration(Continuous), Action(One Hour)(-2ppr/-4)

Currently Assigned Technology: Sprinkles, Eleanor, Sketch


Inkless was, or is, a being of pure creativity and inspiration. Her primary purpose was divine inspiration, subtly driving people toward great works. It’s an ability she was never meant to use on herself.

Enhanced Intelligence 10 (1ppr total 10)
→Affects Others(+1), Duration(Sustained)

Enhanced Charisma 10 (AP, total 1)
→Affects Others(+1), Duration(Sustained)

Celestial Body

Since she is a literal being of magic, Inkless is forced to ‘create’ a body to affect the physical world with. This brings her several advantages.

Protection 6(1ppr total 6)

Morph(Humanoids) 5(2ppr total 10)

Super Senses 4 (1ppr total 4)
→Detect Life(2)

Flight 2(2ppr total 3)

Regeneration 2(2ppr total 4)
→True Resurrection, Resurrection 2(1 day)

Immunity 2(2ppr total 2)
→Aging, Need for Sleep

The Divine Armory

The following are guns, devices and vehicles Thessa is fond of using. She essentially only has enough ethereal energy for a single firearm plus some few other sundry items like her car. When she needs a new item, she ritualistically disassembles the item she has and builds the new one by hand, with parts that slowly become real as she reaches for them.

Communist Party Cannon

The Party Cannon is a small, sleek handgun with a giant barrel. It looks like a vintage ray gun that would fit right in with a Buck Rogers serial, with a rounded design and a fat little power meter on the back end. It’s fire engine red, with a few warnings and other things in Cyrillic underneath the power meter, and a big hammer and sickle stamped on both sides in bold, shiny black. The beam it fires is thick and bright yellow.

Device, Easy to Lose 10(3ppr total 30)|50 point pool|
→Damage 11, Ranged, Autofire 2(4ppr total 44)
→AP: Damage 11, Ranged, Linked(Stun, Ranged, Daze Only) (4ppr total AP)
→AP: Damage 11, Ranged, Penetrating, Secondary Effect(4ppr total AP)
→AP: Stun 11, Ranged, Knockback(4ppr total AP)
→Precise, Ricochet(1 unused)

The Lost Cosmonaut’s Equipment

This is actually two pieces that clearly belong with the Party Cannon. One is a sleek red bracer that hugs the left arm and continues to the elbow, covered in buttons, dials and gauges. It’s all in Cyrillic, but most of them are easy to understand anyway. The other piece is a large mouth guard with twin oxygen tanks that looks like a cross between a painter’s rebreather and a proper gas mask. It’s bright red, sleek and retro, and both tanks have a black hammer and sickle on the sides. Shiny red jumpsuit not included.

Device, Hard to Lose 2(4ppr total 8)|10 point pool|
→ Immunity 9(Life Support)(1ppr total 9)
→AP: Immunity 9(Emotion Effects, Suffocation Effects, Chemical Power Descriptor)(1ppr total AP)


The Chaingun is a shotgun-like rifle with a comically enormous barrel. The loading mechanism is a cylinder similar to a revolver, each chamber of it nearly half a foot wide and making the firearm look almost more like a grenade launcher. It literally fires tangles of chains that wrap and lock around foes. On the side of the huge barrel, the phrase ‘GET IT?’ is scrawled in white paint.

Device, Easy to Lose 10(3ppr total 30)|50 point pool|
→Damage 11, ranged, Linked(Snare)(4ppr total 44)
→Snare 11, Area(Burst), Selective Attack(AP, 4ppr total 1)
→Swinging(2ppr total 2)
→Speed 2, Limited(Swinging only)(1pp2r total 1)(25mph)
→Restricted(People who appreciate puns)(1 unused)

Sprinkles the Workplace Safety Clown

Sprinkles is a wide, two-handed rifle. Instead of a barrel the stout white gun is molded into a jolly clown’s face and arms. His mouth is open, his hat is a garishly painted construction worker’s helmet, and his hands have several comical booboos and bandages. His expression looks to be something between happiness and shock. The rifle itself needs to be “started” by a ripcord similar to a chainsaw, and has a small but obvious tank of gas in its butt. When the trigger is pulled, Sprinkles either laughs or screams comically(it seems to be random) and fires a brightly painted circular saw blade from his mouth.

Device, Easy to Lose 9(3ppr total 27)|45 point pool|
→Damage 11, Ranged, Secondary Effect (3ppr total 33)
→Drain(Toughness) 11, Ranged, Affects Objects (AP, 3ppr total 1)
→Damage 11, Ranged, Penatrating(AP, 3ppr total 1)
→Damage 11, Ranged, Duration(+3, Continuous), Action(Full Round), Limited(Living Targets) (AP, 3ppr total 1)
→Ricochet, Split Attack, Improved Critical(Saw launch) 5

Volatile Funk, The Dance Thrower

Volatile Funk is one of ten felfire flamethrowers gifted to Nybbas, the demon prince of the media. It consists of a backpack tank connected to a ‘rifle’ style emitter similar to a WWII flamethrower. The rounded backpack is decorated with garish, light-up panels that flash on and off so long as the weapon is on. Two thirds up the tank, the squares ‘trail off’ to leave pure black paint and a massive ‘biohazard’ symbol of mirrored glass in the center. The rifle is connected with a corded metal hose plated gold. The Rifle itself is also plated gold, with a bar of neon red light running down either side of the gun. The oversized ‘head’ of the gun is styled to look like a microphone. When used, the felfire it throws glows in multicolored, neon patches instead of the signature dire blacks and greens of hellfire.

Device, Easy to Lose 10(3ppr total 30)|50 point pool|
→Damage 11, Area(Line), Secondary Effect, Action(Full Round)(2ppr total 22)
→Nauseate 11, Area(Line), Action(Full Round), LINKED
→As Above, Cone Area (AP, 4ppr total 1)
→As Above, Burst Area (AP, 4ppr total 1)
→Progression(AoE) 3(25 per rank for burst, 50 per rank for line/cone) (1 unused)


Thessa’s car Eleanor is an old, four door hearse painted as a bright yellow cab. Additionally, it’s been supercharged, and an air intake juts out of the hood. The little yellow light atop the roof usually says ‘off duty’ but she’s known to switch it to ‘on duty’ when she’s feeling bored. Still, even her car is made of the same ethereal energy as her weapons, and she’s not shy about collapsing it if she needs the raw potential for something else. (Total Cost 5)

Strength 40, Speed 7(1,000mph), Defense 8, Toughness 10, Size Huge. Features: Alarm, Remote Control (14EP) (total 5pp)
→Teleport 8(2,000 miles), Accurate, Long Range, Medium(Roads), Change Direction(1eppr total 9)
→Super Movement(Dimensional) 1, spirit realm. (2eppr total 2)


Sketch is a familiar Inkless made a long time ago out of an artist’s reference doll. She lost track of him because of then-frequent trips back to heaven that he couldn’t follow…and she
deactivated him once she found out mortals were teaching him to draw magic from blood. Mixed into his paint, he could use the life energy to create things permanently…literally granting wishes. What’s worse, he’d try to ‘help’ his owner as best he could…which involved killing people who wronged him and using their blood. Once that taint was purged from him, Inkless felt safe reinvigorating the familiar. (Total Cost 5)

INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 10 | Attack 0 Defense 20

Craft(Artistic) 15(15r)
Stealth 13(5r, 8sz)

Dodge Focus 10
Uncanny Dodge(Sight)

Immunity (Fortitude Effects)
Toughness 9(1ppr total 9)
Shrinking 8, Permanent, innate (1ppr total 8+1)

Create Object 8, subtle, precise(2ppr total 16+2)
Teleport 8, Portal, Long-Range, Check Required(artistic)(2ppr total AP)
Dazzle 8, visual (2ppr total AP)
Dimensional Pocket 8 (2ppr total AP)


Name: Inkless, “Thessa”
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 120lbs
Concept: Errant Muse
Music: The Colorless Set List

Inkless in her human form is usually small and frail-seeming. She’s albino except for her eyes, which are a rainbow hue rotating through the colors around her pupils. Her features are delicate, almost doll-like because of her indeterminate age. Her skin is alabaster white and pure, and her slim build is only minorly athletic. She favors dark colored clothes, and conservative wear focused toward dresses.

She goes through phases with her shape changing nature. Currently her body is thicker and a little taller, with an immense bust that began as a joke to see how badly she could distract the students. She’s kept it much longer than she intended, however. Her current dress is closer punk than her buttoned-down conservative clothing of before.

Her ‘true’ angelic form lacks a halo. Her hair changes color to match the rainbow hues of her eyes, and her wings appear to be made of paper, scrolls, and shocks of multicolored paint. She’s a little taller and curvier of build, but this is mostly obscured underneath black plate mail armor. It is crafted elegantly in a gothic style, but lacks the many adornments that one would expect from the era.

Inkless’ corporeal form is ultimately malleable, being mostly just a thought form she’s inhabiting. While she rarely uses its malleable nature for deception, she’s also known to frequently use a child version of her typical human form.

Inkless won’t say when she fell from Heaven, but her knowledge of history suggests it was a long, long time ago. There are easily obtained pictures of her at Woodstock, as well as New York in the 20s. As far as the world’s mundanes are concerned, she simply showed up at a diner in Kentucky one night in January, 1890. She wasn’t wearing anything but a robe, and extremely confused. She was given some food and a place to sleep by the restaurant’s owner, and she was gone by morning. She wandered and did small jobs for quite a long time, judging by her appearances and stories. She was approached several years ago by Doctor Plott himself to put an end to a student project tracking an obviously magical being through word of mouth and photos. Though her wanderlust wasn’t sated, she did agree to stay at Consummatae Obice Magicae Academy for a time. At first, she simply told stories and wandered around campus, showing up at any party or event she could. After much hesitation, she accepted a ‘part time’ job as a professor. Officially, she’s Professor Inkless, but she’s taken to using Thessa as a first name after some of the staff insisted she ought to have one. She teaches a class on History of the Magical World with a certain abundance of flair in her methods. She sticks to the syllabus she’s been given, but has habits of filling in details with personal stories, pulling favors from friends, or showing the class a piece of anachronistic tech or enchanting firsthand. She also helps with the art departments, though in a somewhat unofficial manner. She frequently handles sets and costumes for the acting classes, and always sits in on rehearsals so she can give deserving students a little boost in confidence using her inspiration abilities.

The truth is, Thessa is running from responsibility. She’s a muse, an angel of inspiration and creativity who didn’t fall from Heaven so much as leap. Tired of her role and sick of only ever watching the world from afar, she began using her powers of inspiration on herself. When it became obvious she may be punished for doing so, she ran. She did so quietly, unlike the Morning Lord. She didn’t care about fairness or revolution…only escape. She’s lucky in that few students or even staff members know she’s literally from heaven and not simply some celestial-blooded immortal, but she’s had to answer uncomfortable questions enough that she has prepared answers. When asked why someone would leave Heaven, she tends to quote Thoreau’s Walden.

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”


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