Isaac Faulkner

A Boy and His Shadow


Age: 18
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Point Total: 235/250 PP
PL: 11
Hero Points: 1
Image VA: Yuri Lowenthal

Abilities (28 PP)
Str 10(0 PP)
Dex 16(6 PP)
Con 18(8 PP)
Int 16(6 PP)
Wis 10(0 PP)
Cha 18(8 PP)

Combat (63 PP)
Atk +8 (16 PP)
Def +8 (16 PP)
Tough +11 (4 Con + 7 Protection)
Fort +11 (4 Con +7) (7 PP)
Ref +11 (3 Dex +8) (8 PP)
Will +16 (0 Wis +16) (16 PP)

Skills (27 PP)
Bluff 16 ranks + 4 Cha = +19
Craft (Electronic) 4 ranks + 3 Int = +7
Craft (Mechanical) 4 ranks + 3 Int = +7
Computer Use 4 ranks + 3 Int = +7
Disguise 1 rank + 4 Cha = +5
Drive 5 ranks + 3 Dex = +8
Gather Information 5 ranks + 3 Int = +8
Know(arcana) 10 ranks + 3 Int = +13
Know(business) 10 ranks + 3 Int = +11
Know(phys. sci.) 10 ranks + 3 Int = +13
Perform (oratory) 10 ranks + 4 Cha = +14
Sense Motive 10 ranks + 0 Wis = +10
Sleight of Hand 16 ranks + 3 Dex = +18
(3 SP remaining)

Feats (62 PP)
Artificer – Given his background, it’s little surprise that Isaac can, on occasion, put together a device or two.
Benefit – As heir to Parrish manufacturing, Isaac can, on occasion, call in a small favor or two…
Equipment 5 – He who has the most toys is off to a good start.
Ritualist – Exposure to arcane theory has given Isaac an improved grasp of his own potential; he can, should circumstances arise, devise rituals.
Fascinate (Bluff) – As a standard action, make a Bluff check against your opponent’s Bluff, Sense Motive, or Will. If you succeed, the target is fascinated. You can maintain the state for as long as you spend standard actions to maintain it, or until the target overcomes it. You can use this on groups.
Set Up – You can transfer the benefits of a successful combat use of an interaction skill to a teammate.
Sidekick 45 – Isaac has a friend.
Taunt – Use Bluff instead of Intimidate to demoralize foes.
Throwing Mastery 5 – +5 damage with thrown objects; can also throw normally non-dangerous objects (pens, cards, coins) as weapons with a 10’ range increment and a maximum range of 50’.

Equipment – 19/25 EP spent
Smartphone: 1 EP. The very latest of toys.
Sports Car: 8 EP. A sleek sports car, painted jet black. Drive in style.
Parrish Deluxe DynaMite Swing Baseball Bat (Club): 3 EP. A well wrought piece of metal, composed of space age alloy. Has a nice heft and is nigh indestructible; doesn’t stain, either.
Multitool: 1 EP. A Swiss army knife, always handy to have.
Haukke House: 6 EP. Medium headquarters with living space (x2), garage, concealed, and one power (tbd). A lovely, western style building on the outskirts of Tokyo; finding the sidestreet that leads to this house is surprisingly difficult. It may possibly be haunted, just a little.

Powers (61 PP)

  • “Full of Surprises” [magic] [shadow]
    [2 PP/rank (2 PP – 1 PP Medium + 1 PP Action) + 1 PP]: 9 PP
    Effect: Dimensional Movement Attack
    Action: Move/Free
    Range: Touch
    Duration: Instant (lasting)
    Saving Throw: Reflex/Will
    Extras: Action (1 PP/rank)
    Flaws: Requires Medium (Shadow/Darkness) (-1 PP/rank)
    Power Feats: Subtle 2, Alternate Power
    One of Isaac’s more useful tricks. Isaac can access a small pocket dimension in the realm of shadows, wherein he stores things that he thinks might be useful. Isaac’s pocket dimension can hold up to 500 lbs of stuff, and he can pull an item out as a free action. Isaac could also—theoretically—attempt to entrap an unwilling creature within. Creatures can make a Reflex save to avoid being stuffed inside against their will, and a Will save every round (with a cumulative +1 bonus per save attempted) to break out if they are entrapped. Isaac has practiced enough to be very subtle with this; the only real limitations on it are that he has to have a shadow big enough to pass an object through to put it into or take it out of the pocket dimension. Normally he uses his own shadow for this.
  • Alternate Power: “Fade to Black” [magic] [shadow]
    [1 PP/rank (2 PP – 1 PP Medium) + 6 PP]: 7 PP
    Effect: Movement
    Action: Move
    Range: Personal
    Duration: Instant
    Extras: None
    Flaws: Requires Medium (Shadow/Darkness) (-1 PP/rank)
    Power Feats: Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Progression 2
    A trick picked up from his Guardian, Isaac can use his dimensional pocket ability to slip through the realm of shadows, moving up to 100 feet as a move action. He can carry up to 500 lbs of matter along with him. As with most of Isaac’s powers, this trick requires shadow to work, both at entrance and exit point.
  • “No Wires” [magic] [shadow]
    [2 PP/rank]: 4 PP
    Effect: Movement
    Action: Move
    Range: Personal
    Duration: Sustained
    Extras: None
    Flaws: Requires Medium (Shadow/Darkness) (-1 PP/rank)
    Power Feats: Subtle 2

Isaac is able to ‘stick’ to surfaces, allowing him to walk up walls, on ceilings, et cetera, without any apparent difficulty. While initially this power might appear baffling, there is a trick to it—Isaac is using the shadows generated by his own feet (or hands, or whatever) to bind himself to the surface he’s sticking to. The important drawback to this is that Isaac can’t use this power on a ‘backlit’ surface—anything with a light behind it effectively nulls the trick.

  • “Watch Your Step” [magic] [shadow]
    TRIP 11
    [1/2 PP/rank (1 PP – 1 PP) + 5 PP]: 11 PP
    Effect: Attack
    Action: Standard (Active)
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Instant
    Saving Throw: None (Str/Dex check)
    Extras: None
    Flaws: Requires Medium (Shadow/Darkness) (-1 PP/rank)
    Power Feats: Improved Trip, Subtle 2, Triggered 2
    A simple but effective trick, Isaac uses his magic to influence the opponent’s shadow, causing it to attempt to trip the opponent. The opponent must resist this with the worse of their Str and Dex scores.
  • Shadow Evocation [magic] [shadow]
    [2 PP/rank + 4 PP]: 14 PP
    Effect: Sensory
    Action: Standard
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Sustained
    Extras: None
    Flaws: None
    Power Feats: Split Attack 4

Most of Isaac’s powers manipulate shadow; this one actually creates it, manifesting darkness that gives total visual concealment. This power can be split freely; depending on how much power he chooses to manifest, Isaac can create dark spheres of 5’, 10’, 25’, 50’, or 100’. One of Isaac’s few overt powers.

*Shadow Armor [magic] [shadow]
[1 PP/rank]: 7 PP
Effect: Defense
Action: Reaction
Range: Personal
Duration: Permanent
Extras: None
Flaws: None

Another benefit of his studies, Isaac is now able to harden shadow, effectively turning cloth into an ironclad defense.

  • Shadowsight [magic] [shadow]/Shadowlink [magic] [mental]
    SUPER-SENSES 3 (Darkvision) (Communication Link)
    [2 PP/rank]: 6 PP
    Effect: Sensory
    Action: Free
    Range: Personal
    Duration: Permanent
    Extras: None
    Flaws: None

A perk of having a sentient creature of shadow at one’s back, Isaac doesn’t actually talk about this one enough to have a witty name for it. He has excellent vision in darkness—even magical darkness. Additionally, his studies at the Academy have borne some small measure of fruit—he is now able to speak mentally to the shadow, as the shadow can to him.

  • “Noman’s Mantle” [magic] [shadow] [mental]
    MORPH 4 (2 + 2)
    [[1/2 PP/rank (2 PP – 1 PP Phantasm – 1 PP Limited)] (2) + [1 PP/rank (2 PP – 1 PP Limited)] (2) + 2 PP] : 5 PP
    Effect: Alteration
    Action: Standard
    Range: Personal
    Duration: Sustained
    Feats: Subtle 2
    Flaws: Phantasm (-1 PP/rank), Limited: Roles (-1 PP/rank)

Noman’s Mantle is a bizarre trick that causes others to simply fail to register Isaac’s existence in any significant fashion; instead, anyone looking on will see only the role Isaac has chosen to adopt (“Second Shift Janitor”, “Groundskeeper”, “Scrub”, “Low Level Employee”…). While amazingly versatile, this spell is also a fragile bit of weaving that falters under direct scrutiny; those who have reason to suspect Isaac can force themselves to focus on him, and it is only half as effective against purely electronic systems (or any system that lacks an Int score of 1 or more).

  • “Pragma” [filth]

m̪̠͈̟̟̦̰ͤ̄̑͒e̡̪͈̯̟͉͍m̪̳͔̬͌ͮ̈̃͊̊ö̫̰̝́͆̐̅͠ͅṟ̭̕y̞̐̄̓̽ͨ͝ ̫̩̯͎͍̫̘̊̄à͉̜̘̜͍̳̘͗ͫ͒͂͢c̨̻̫͙͆̀cͤ̊̋̂͢e̶̮͔̱̐̀s͈̜̬̿s̬̞͚̤̤̳͙͛ͩ̂͗ ̼̙ͥ̐ͭͧ̔̂̌v̳͈̰̰̗̪̓͂̌͞i̧̙͆̂̈́ol̰̪̐ͪ̑ͪ̃̾aͩ͂́͂ṭ̻͎̠̼̺ͨ̽̆ͣ͒͗ͣi̛̯͚̜̺͎͌ő̗̭̱̞̺̻̂̕n̻̑͢
̱̪͍̩͈͜N̹̪͍̊̐̍Ǒ̢̳̳̮͉̦̭͎͌͛̾ͭ ̫͕͈͎̈͌ͪͪ̀̚N̰ͩȎ͔̦ ͇͇̞̹̻́̀̒̑ͯN̜̱̠̊̈̽͂ͫǑ̰̌̾ͮ͑͡ ̗̰̦̪̖̪ͥÑ̬̥̩̑̈͗̉̐̀Ọ̪̳͔͔͖͉̐͠ ͕͂̊ͥ͋̊N̛̘̝̜̱̞̤̔ͨ̈͊̌̅̚O̵̟ͨ̾͐̐̿

A disconcerting power that assaults an enemy’s mind, causing their greatest worry to be inflated far out of any sense of perspective, overshadowing all else. This ability is a dual-edged sword, however; it is a power that Isaac finds disturbing at best, and worse, one only partially under Isaac’s control.


Isaac Faulkner’s official life story is neat and clear-cut; his parents died in a tragic accident, but he was given a miraculous second chance when a wealthy, philanthropic magnate adopted him, setting him on the fast track to wealth and power as heir to a corporate empire, He’s here now at Consummatae Obice Magicae Academy to wrap up his education before moving on into the corporate world.

Real life is seldom that simple, of course; the “fast track” can be a hard road, and beneath every PR-polished official biography, the occasional skeleton—or closet full of them—can be found.

In terms of appearance, Isaac is a well-dressed young man of average height, with short blond hair, piercing green eyes, and an expression that switches between confident smile and smirk. His personality is somewhat cynical, and he has a sardonic streak a mile long—along with an ego to match.

Isaac Faulkner

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