Jackie Paper

Firey tempered physics and robotics teacher.


Professor Jackie Paper is one of the few people on campus who gives Dr. Leon Tomas Plott a run for his money at the local variant of Warhammer 40k, when she has time to play. She teaches Journalism, Robotics, and is frequently called upon to substitute for lower science classes. While she does not judge creations unfairly for aesthetics, her personal robotic creations are frequently fantasy themed and she urges her students to take art electives. She’s also the RA of the unseelie dorms.

She’s known for having a fiery temper, but a slow fuse, and is wholly intolerant of class clown types. Her name is an obvious pseudonym, and the fact that it comes from ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ means rumors have flown about the students about her being a real dragon for years. She denies this(of course), calling it ridiculous, but a dragon with shiny red scales HAS been seen about the campus at least once.

She has red hair which is frequently dyed another color, and green eyes. She wears a trim suit and sharp white labcoat most of the time.

Jackie Paper

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