Consummatae Obice Magicae Academy

History of Consummate Obice Magicae Academy

Formerly know as the Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy, this private college is surprisingly selective. In fact, they mail the applications (or invitations, in some cases) to prospective students. Rarely, someone outside of these pre-screenings applies, but it is rare. While the school does reasonably well academically, it’s known as a ‘weirdo’ school. Mostly due to the fact that while it teaches all the things you’d expect… it also a gathering of the magical in the world, to teach both magical and mythologicals how to pass as normal in the modern world, as well as teaching young upcoming mages of various types among the humans how to interact and survive both the mundane and supernatural worlds they are bound to be in.

Due to The 2013 Disaster, also known as The Mana of Mayhem , The Academy, outside of the outer walls and the hospital, needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. It took most of 2014 for such to happen, but, now it is once again the pride of the strange community that is Ravensglass.

School Details

School Colors: Silver and Burgundy, uniforms not required, but uniform like outfits in several styles are available from the school store.
School Sports Teams:

  • Guys teams are named “The Wizards” Who in 2014:
    • Basketball: Made the top 15 in their division.
    • Baseball: They don’t want to talk about it.
    • Football: In the top 30 nationally.
    • Fencing: Took first at Nationals
    • Soccer: Took fifth at Nationals
  • Ladies teams are called “The Enchantresses”. In 2014 they:
    • Basketball: didn’t amount to much.
    • Softball: Took the divisional title
    • Fencing: Third at Nationals
    • Soccer: 8th at Nationals
    • Gymnastics: Took 3rd in divisions.

Students of the academy ranked highly in the last standardized testing, though there are accusations of cheating or cooking the books on that one.

Class Offerings:

Pretty much your standard college stuff, with some magical twists thrown into the catalouge. Some examples of the twists buried in the back pages:

  • Alchemy 101: Brewing For Dummies. Barrels of fun. Barrels provided. Taught by Miss Lena Selene
  • Alchemy 201: Brewing Basics. So you want to really make something fun? Taught by Miss Lena Selene
  • Alchemy 301: LEADing the way to GOLD. Taught by Miss Lena Selene
  • Enchantment 101: LIttle Tricks to Amaze and Amuse. Taught by Dr. Steve Weird.
  • Enchantment 201: Theory and Practice of Non-normal enhancements. Taught by Dr. Steve Weird.
  • Enchantment 301: Expert Alteration of Mundane. Taught by Miss Lena Selene
  • Lights and Sounds 105: A sidetrack of theatre for those who are into special effects. Taught by Leon De*Mask.
  • Lights and Sounds 205: Includes a field trip to Vegas. Taught by Leon De*Mask.
  • Thaumophysics 101: You and the Magical World around you. Taught by Dr. Plott
  • Thaumophysics 202: Laws of Physics (And how to bend them.). Taught by Jackie Paper.
  • ThaumoPhysics 303: Creating and breaking barriers. Taught by Dr. Plott.
  • Thaumophysics 404: Making the Laws Work For You. Honors course taught by Jackie Paper.
  • Thaumophysics 405: The Square-Cube law can suck it. Honors course taught by Doctor Plott.
  • Journalism 495: Retroactive newscasting. Honors Course taught by Jackie Paper.
  • Advanced Artistry: Making the illusion of reality. Honors Course taught by Relm Arrowny.
  • Ceramics 412: Animated Clay. Taught by Relm Arrowny.
  • Cooking 101: Cooking for the Modern Student. Taught by Lady Meshidasujitsu.
  • Cooking 201: Advanced Cooking. Taught by Lady Meshidasujitsu.
  • Cooking 301: Cooking Magic. Taught by Lady Meshidasujitsu.
  • Cooking 401: Feast from Famine. Taught by Lady Meshidasujitsu.

Everyone who is enrolled in or has taken:

  • Philosphy 101: History and Development of Ethical Systems, Taught by Robert Grey. The course covers various ethics systems from the mortal world, and some not in the mortal world. This class often sparks debates over which rules are more sensible, and why.

Notable Locations

The Dorms

Other Buildings

  • Various specialties of study buildings, which each have:
    • A Branch Research Library with appropriate books for their specialty
    • A Nurse’s Station/Triage room
    • Classroom Space
    • Outside Parking (often shared with one of the dorms)
    • Lab or other specialty space as required.
    • At least one computer lab.

Consummatae Obice Magicae Academy

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