Dialogue 08


Greetings from sunny Ravensglass, California. As I know you abhor excessive frippery and drivel, I shall forebear on idle conversation and endeavor to skip directly to matters of relevance.

My education proceeds apace. It is something of a trial to make sufficient time for scholastic endeavors amidst my meticulously organized rotation of revels of collegiate debauchery and hedonism; nevertheless, thus far I appear to be doing passably in my classes. Extracurricular endeavors are another matter. Unfortunately; despite my best efforts and the many photo opportunities I have allowed, I have been unable to sell accounts of my revels to any of the publications operating in the area; it seems that even tabloid fame is a difficult thing to attain these days.

I do want to offer thanks for your timely warning. While I enjoy the balmy clime and delightful night life, you were right in that this climate seems to also be enjoyed by several varieties of spider, some of them are particularly large and/or venomous. My suitemate was attacked by a particularly vicious specimen recently; after a modicum of investigation, we undertook to pay a visit to the creatures’ lair. I took the liberty of taking a few pictures; as National Geographic is uninterested, you can expect them to arrive later in the week.

With all due respect,

Dialogue 08

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