Mechanics of the Setting

The Mechanicals of this World

We will be using Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition.
Core Book is okay unless listed below. Ask me to okay creations made using ultimate power or any of the other books please. I most likely will but some things get broken.
Gentleman’s agreement: Don’t break the game and I don’t break it either.
You must have at least one ability tagged as Magic. By default all abilities are tagged such unless there is a good explanation. (Example, a ‘natrual’ ability to Detect Magic might be a mutation with the innate trait. )
Nullify Magic is a plot device. So is Immunity: Magic. All other uses of these powers are valid.
Time Travel is straight out.
Characters start at: Power Level 10, 165 Power Points for starting.
Expect power level to go up roughly every 20 PP granted.
Magical effects have a harsh effect on regular vanilla people who can’t use them. Upon witnessing an act of magic, They must make a will save vs DC (rank of power), or go mad. If they pass, they will explain it away under whatever methods of science or pseudo-science or religion that fits them. One Save needed per similar ability per scene
Subject to change as the GM sees fit.

Story Requirements:

You are a resident of Ravenglass, a student of, or staff member for Consummatae Obice Magicae Academy
The world is modern. In fact, it’s August of 2015, In Ravenglass, California. It’s almost the beginning of a new school year at Consummatae Obice Magicae Academy.

Mechanics of the Setting

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