Silence of the Grave

Whoever coined the term, “Dead men tell no tales” is a filthy liar.
The dead tell plenty of tales, so many in fact that they seldom shut up, unless you are deaf to them. It is all sorts of useful things, that last thought played over and over again until the static has worn it away to a thread.

Death cannot be killed, for who would reap the soul of the Reaper? It doesn’t mean that the act of dying doesn’t hurt, just that it doesn’t really stick at that … fatality stage.

Say the Reaper bore a child. It’s not good for the mentality of the young to be surrounded by ahem, Death, all the time, so the child is left with the living. How does the Reaper contact their dearly undeparted? By arranging ‘accidents’. There are shades of immortality, and a young immortal may die from happenstance, but anything that is truly immortal can not be killed. If it can die, it is not immortal.

Enter Desiderata.

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Moments In Time:
I April Showers
II Moral Dilemma
III Thin Ice

Silence of the Grave

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