The 2013 Disaster

In 2013, a great sealing came undone under what was then Disseptum Fractio Magicam, releasing a twisted monstrosity of a dark mage, and several of his ‘experiments’. The school finished out the 2013 year and most of the 2014 year running out of the old Ash Tree Mall complex. Some in the magical world have referred to this event as the “Mana of Mayhem” citing the strange fluxes in energy, along with world-wide problems with dimensional barriers and breaches.

In the end, a group of new students ended up finally putting an end to the issue early in 2014. Calling in several favors from mages around the world, and depending on your definition, outside of the world, they gathered a strike force to clean the invader that was held back by the outer walls and wards of the Academy, while they risked the caverns beneath, to strike at the foe who had created the mess, cutting his existence out of this world.

Granted an honorary diploma (and the right to free continuing education if they wished), the girls of Seelie Dorm ended up arguing over the other thing they were granted: Renaming the school, until they agreed upon the new name.

For more information, please see Mana of Mayhem .

The 2013 Disaster

Mana of Mayhem: Magic School Blues Dry