The Abandoning Child

Elizabeth Adler is an unfortunate victim of circumstance. An accident splintered shards of an ancient artifact along her spine, and it bound her to a hellish, inky black nightmare creature. Elizabeth and the creature were kept secure, secreted away from the rest of the world in a special psychiatric wing of Consummatae Obice Magicae Academy. They escaped their ‘cell’ during the 2013 disaster, but were quickly caught my the school’s medical staff. Her former snake-faced tormentor, Doctor Terumi, offered the pair a deal: Minimal supervision, and real friends among a group of classmates.

While initially elated, Elizabeth slowly realized she didn’t fit in…and the ‘catch’ is that one of them was a shadow controller. Having traded one cell for another, Elizabeth slipped away from them. Surprisingly, it was the monster inside her who tried to convince her to stay, discarding bluster and swaggering threats long enough to share its name: Tabitha. Despite assurance that Elizabeth could stay with them and be happy…she made her choice and faded away into the darkness.

She did at least promise to take Tabitha somewhere nice.

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I. Two Sisters
II. Never the Twain Shall Meet

The Abandoning Child

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